470 Rumney Route 25 Rumney,NH 03266

Backwoods Farm

It's Always Better @ Backwoods!

Go Topless Day

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It’s that time of the year again when we gather to Celebrate Jeep
love, Jeep spirit, and the sense of fun & adventure that comes with
owning a Jeep.

We want to make this year’s event bigger than ever by reaching out to
new Jeep owners who want to find a family.

Backwoods has added more Trail systems to our already Great system! A 200 foot Mud Trench we call "Muddy Road", we've built up the Rock Crawl and added more room for Vendors. 2015 will be the Year to be Here!

The event will be held at 

Backwoods Farm

470 Route 25

Rumney,NH 03266 

Trail rides,carnival games,RTI ramp,Mud Pit,Rock Crawl and More!